Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So.  I am sleep deprived, so I'll keep this short.  

I know I shouldn't be such a future oriented person, but how do you even start to control thoughts like that?  Sigh.

I put each of my kids to sleep tonight thinking about their futures.  Will Eleanor someday be a singer?  A musician?  Will she do well in school?  Will she be a good example as a big sister?  Will she be really obedient?  Will she come to know for herself that God loves her?  So many things to think about.  (Okay, we did just read O the Things You Can Think before bed, so maybe that got my brain going a little)  

Today she said "Minnie pray?  Minnie eat?"  I asked her if Minnie was going to pray before she ate her food.  "Yeah!  Dear Heavenly Father..." then she just grinned at me.  WOW!  Not even two years old... I... I am shocked at all she is capable of sometimes.  She also shocked me today when coloring she was using her yellow colored pencil and she said "Hard to see."  Haha!  How can a parent help but feel pride at how much they are learning?  God only knows what we are capable of, even as adults!  I mean... if kids so young with their brains still developing can learn so much so quickly... you put it together...

Watching Garrett (I think his new nickname aside from Gare Bear is becoming Chubb-Chubb) fall into a deep sleep in my arms I couldn't help but wonder about him as well.  Will he be gentle as his name Garrett means?  Will he serve a mission?  Will he like to make people smile and tell jokes?  Will he struggle finding his talents?  One can only guess.  God knows these amazing souls better than I ever will, even in all the days of my life here.  I am so blessed to have them both.

Garrett drank a bit of water from his sippy cup today.  With help tipping it up, of course.  He wasn't too opposed to it like Eleanor was at first, but he definitely preferred his binky.  We also gave him bananas for the 1st time today, and he HATED it.  It was pretty funny.  If he keeps it up, I'll have to sneak a video.  :)  He hasn't made a lot of funny faces while taking his solids for the first time like Eleanor did either.  Maybe he'll make up for it later.  :)

Happy thought of the day: No matter how bad the bad times are, good times replace them.  And in time, in retrospect looking back, we learn something important from those struggles.  It's not a total waste, even if it feels that way at the time.

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