Monday, August 23, 2010

Eye rubs and laughter

This might just be one of those days that's pretty neutral.  It feels like it just passed by.  A little good, a little bad.  But just over (or nearly over).

Poor Eleanor still gets so tired when she won't nap.  I think I will try a lot harder once Tim starts grad school classes again, but for now she's still fighting it pretty bad.  She was rubbing her eyes because she was tired, and I explained to her again that she's tired because she's rubbing her eyes so much.  She gave me "the Boo brow" when I told her (furrowed her brow at me) that.  Then she said something about "Boo Boo nei nei."  I asked her if she wanted to go nei nei (to bed).  She said yes.  I asked her if she wanted to go nei nei in the crib.  She said yes.  So off we went, she followed me into the nursery, then when I put her in the crib she said no and began freaking out.  It was sure worth a try though.  I really hate seeing her so grumpy & not on her best behavior as a result of something so silly like not enough sleep.  :(  

Actually, since we returned from CA I've noticed some improvements with her sleep a little.  Sometimes she'd wake in the night & Tim would go in and talk to her and tell her to lie down and go to sleep like a good girl.  Then walk out.  On a few occasions-- IT ACTUALLY WORKED!  Who is that child and what have they done with Eleanor?!  Haha!  I can't WAIT until she can do that on a regular basis and then my only concern if she's crying in the night is that something's wrong and not just that she's crying because she's tired.  It seems like it won't be too much longer, maybe another year until it can happen every time like that.  Wow, my world will change so much when that happens!  That's such an uplifting thought to me.

Garrett is so stinking cute when he laughs.  I just love it so much, I have this terrible desire to squeeze something really hard (it can't be him or I'd hurt him).  Oh man, it just feels so good to hear him laugh.  You know how laughing releases Endorphins?  Well, maybe they should do a study about listening to a baby laugh because that seems to do it for me.  (Is there a study like that?  That would be cool!)  Today I was lifting him up under the arms then tossing his legs back in the air so it looked like he was flying for a second.  He got fits of the giggles from it, it was great.  Eleanor saw and begged Tim to make her fly as well.  

They're so cute together.  Big sister, little brother.  I know they're both so young right now and all, but I have to say, I think they love each other so much.  Today Garrett was getting some tummy time and Eleanor lay down and gave herself some tummy time too, so she could be like Garrett.  Then he just looked at her and laughed this beautiful baby laugh.  She thought that was funny so she started laughing, too.  It was almost like I could fast forward our lives and see these beautiful babies as grown kids or even young adults, playing in the living room together, cracking up about some joke one of them just made.  They're going to be adults someday, whether I like it or not (LOL).  And I can't help but feel that the love they have for each other won't die over time or even through rough circumstances and challenges they will face.

I've got a lot to do, I'm hoping to organize and make some Greek Lemon rice soup tonight (although not sure if I will since we still have lots of curry that Tim made still in the fridge).  Happy thought of the day:  Me picking out Eleanor's PJs and getting the shirt that says "I love Daddy."  I told her what it said and she says "Love daddy!  Boo boo love daddy!"  If she only knew how beautiful that kind of love is compared to all this other junk out there in the world...  happy thought.  Definitely.  ...Happy thoughts.

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