Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sense of accomplishment

I ought to have a good nights sleep finally, assuming Garrett doesn't keep waking up during the night.  I have successfully worn myself out!  

My day began with Visiting Teaching.  For those of you who are going "What the heck is that?"  I'll explain a bit.  It's a system set up within our Church where the female adults in the church pair up (they receieve assignments which are carefully thought and prayed about by leaders) and visit another woman (usually 2, but we visit them seperately) in the church, get to know her better, and share a spiritual message.  Also that way if she has something she or her family need help with, she has people right there ready to help out.  We try to do this every month, and I just got a new assignment, so I've enjoyed getting to know my companion & the 2 ladies I visit teach.  It is certainly helpful getting to know more people, too, since we've been away for 2.5 months in CA, so many people have come and gone at Church.  Well, it was a lovely experience, so I had lots more energy to get things going when I got back (Tim was so good to me to watch both the kids again).

We got the kids ready, us ready, and headed off to Babies R Us to get Eleanor some more of her favorite puree fruit/veggie pouches.  Sound disgusting?  She loves them so much I seriously want to try them.  Haha!  We also found out that they make clips to hook 2 umbrella strollers together, so if we end up wanting a double stroller, that might be a great option for us.  Yes, I know.  These little things excite me, it's true.  I also found Eleanor a clearance pair of shiny pink dress shoes.  Wish they were more neutral, but she likes them & I think they'll go with a lot of her dresses still.  I got to look at baby clothes.  It made me happy, even though we didn't buy any.  I love baby clothes.  SIGH.  After that we also swung by BYU bookstore to pick up the pictures I ordered online for my kids' scrapbooks.

We got home, fed the kids and such, and it was time for bed.  Well, all in all today I put Eleanor and Garrett down about 50 times apiece.  After all, accuracy is in the eye of the beholder, right?  Well, that's what it felt like.  Maybe we need this place to become white noise central or something.  It gets old by at least the 41st time, you know?  Well, then I myself got visit taught, then I began the cleaning frenzy.

Tim took our laundry to the laundry room, then I put the whole mounds away. (I found out something interesting.  In all of the baby clothes I put away, the sizes between the 2 of them were ALL covered from 0-3 months right up until 2T!)  I then did 2 mounds of dishes, made a pitcher of juice, cleaned the counter tops, the microwave, the stove top, the bathtub, the sink, and the toilet!  I even managed to feed myself a bagel somewhere in there.  Has anyone else experienced this very VERY late form of nesting?  Haha!

Well, happy dreams to everyone, I am so ready for bed!  Happy thought of the day:  sleep makes you feel so incredibly good.  You know that good feeling when you're tired and you can just LAY DOWN after a long day of being on your feet?  I love that feeling.  And look how lucky we are, we get to do this every day of our lives, pretty much!  God is good to us!  :)

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