Sunday, August 22, 2010

Aching muscles and kids at church

Today seemed like such a blur!  That might be part because church is so late here now, so we consequently get out late, but wow!  I'm ready for bed.

Garrett kept getting up in the night last night, I had to rock him back to sleep three different times, then finally he woke at 6:30am I fed him, and put him right back to bed.  I am ever grateful to my husband for the way he takes care of me and let me sleep as long as I could after that night.  I've realized that while I may be getting over my depression more, my body is still so sore and achy.  I have more energy than I used to, but at times like this I sure do miss my old roommate who was a massage therapist.   :)

Balancing the kids at church is still rough but getting better little by little.  Eleanor stayed in nursery a bit longer this week than last, which is saying a lot since things are crazy in there as they are between nursery leaders at the moment.  I ended up holding Garrett in church and he fell asleep in my arms with no effort on my part at all.  My arm almost went numb from it, though.  It's amazing how heavy these kids are.  Light enough to be in the lower percentiles on growth charts and yet heavy enough to make my arms buff.  Interesting how that works.  

My kids are just so cute, I LOVE getting them dressed up for church.  The dresses and suit sets the hairdos and the ties... ah, I just love it!  It's just one of those small moments in my life where unless my kids are throwing the biggest tantrum ever or something, they are so stinking cute no matter what they do.  I jokingly told Tim last week that Garrett looks so cute dressed up that I'm going to dress him up like that every day.  I think his retort was more facial than verbal, but, yeah, I would if it were more practical just because it's SOOOO cute!  I'm always in a better mood when my kids are dressed in something I think is super cute.  Not sure why it works like that, really, but it does.

On a random and completely unrelated note, Tim and I have decided that we like our sheet straps (They connect under the mattress, keeping the bed sheets on tight).  I don't know why this invention hasn't been a part of our modern life until just recently when we saw them on my cousin's wedding registry and finally decided to go buy them and give them a try a couple days ago.  Another one of those things that makes our life simpler.  I love it, and I need lots of those things that simplify life.

I'm hoping to start organizing things really well this next semester as we haven't got that much more time left and I HATE that crazy rushing around trying to pack things up last minute stuff.  I figure if things are well organized, they have a better chance of staying that way for the next few months while we live here.  Then packing will be easier when the time comes.  That's the packing ideal.  We'll see how the reality chooses to unfold itself.

Well, it seems like we all need something uplifting, so here's my happy thought of the day: God loves us, no matter how imperfect we are.  And He is so happy for us when we do something right.  It reminds me of when Eleanor went on the potty for the first (and so far the only) time.  Yeah, her onesie slid into it so I had more of a mess to clean up than if she'd just gone in her diaper like normal.  Yet it was a big deal as her parent to see her accomplish something that adults & "big kids" do.  I found myself saying things like "I am SO proud of you!  Eleanor, you are such a big girl!"  Sometimes we can make a bigger mess out of things when we're trying to do the right thing, but when we're putting in our best effort, God knows (and will bless us for it), and He feels what I felt about my daughter in a much more perfect way than I can comprehend.  I know God feels that for each of us in the things that we struggle with at this very moment in time.  And He sees more potential in us than we ever thought we COULD have.

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