Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Number 3 is on the way...

So yes, we are ready to announce it to the world- we are expecting baby number three to come late August/ early September.  My due date is 9/9/11, but because of the way my cycle is- to me I'm counting it as 9/6/11.  My midwives said a couple days wasn't a big deal, so they're still going on the calculation from my LMP (Dec 3rd).  To me, I'm counting it for things like telling friends and such... because I really think I'm right.  And for some odd reason, it matters a lot more to me than it does to them.  :)

It's a crazy time in our lives to be having another, but we really felt this is what God wanted us to do.  And no matter how difficult the situation, whenever I feel that way and follow through on it, God always helps me find a way to get that challenge accomplished... and usually I find out that looking back on it, it was actually the BEST choice, not just an okay one.  So we're excited.  I've really enjoyed how close in age Eleanor and Garrett are (16 months) and now Garrett & number 3 will be something like 19 months apart.  It's hard, but then we'll get those baby/ toddler stages out of the way all at once, I figure.  :D  ...Wish me luck.  ;)

So much of our lives have to do with our attitude and what we make of things.  I am still in the process of learning this, so I'm not trying to preach at anyone, but I really have seen the differences in my life after experiencing both.  When we look for blessings and things to be grateful for, we always find them, even if it is hard sometimes.

Eleanor has been getting closer and closer to the 2.5 mark and I can't believe she's getting closer to 3 than she is 2!  It really does go fast.  She loves singing and dancing, running, playing with duplo blocks, playing with her dolls, taking toys from Garrett- oh!  Whoops!  Yeah, that too.  But once he gets walking I think they'll have SO much fun chasing each other all over the place.

Garrett has moved up from "baby" to "big boy" in so many ways now, it's exciting & sad (good thing there's another on the way- lol).  He drinks from a sippy cup, insists on eating only grown up food (this can be challenging since he has 4.5 teeth & none of them molars).  He crawls and pulls up (not so great at pulling DOWN, though), he stood on his own... for about one second!  He uses toddler spoons and is learning to say the dreaded word ("No!"...  It sounds more like "Nah!").  It goes fast.

My kids are great, I really am blessed to have them.  It is SUCH a short time we have them for.  Then before we know it they've grown up and are ready to venture out on their own.  I am trying to cherish the NOW.

Here's my happy thought of the day: I'm going to have a whole new life to meet and try to raise in light and truth as best as I can.  Still have about 8 weeks until the ultrasound to see them & find out the gender, but I'm already in love.

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